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 You have arrived to a shop where you will find items full of colour and warmth.
Here, at Mahri Mahri, you will find brands from Bangladesh, Kenya, Rwanda, New York, Morocco, Uganda.. and maybe more. All made with love.
All ethical and all beautiful.

This is the place where your shopping will have a meaningful impact on its creators life and where every product has a story.

supporting women in Rwanda & Ghana


Asma's story

"My name is Asma. I am proud that I have a job at Basha Enterprises. The relatives from my mother-in-law’s house did not show any respect to me. But now that I have started working, they have changed their view toward me. Now they call me if they want to make any decisions. They value my opinions.

Having money allows me to buy whatever I want for my children. I do not need to ask everything from my husband. I have two daughters. I want my elder daughter to be a doctor. She will serve poor people. And my younger daughter will be a lawyer. She will promote justice in our society."

Kohinur's story

"My name is Kohinur. I come from Nawbagonj. I have one daughter named Rubina. When I was a child my step mother abused me and I ran away to Dhaka. I grew up in a shelter for street children in Dhaka.

I was taking drugs and doing bad work. I got married but my husband left me. I remarried and had a daughter but he is now in prison. I just married again and I hope I will have a happy family life now.
For my daughter’s sake I want to work  for Basha for a long time. My hope is that my daughter will go to school and will have a  different life from my own."