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Mahri Mahri is a shop dedicated on supporting women initatives and social enterprises. We work with different ethical brands and artisans from around the world and believe in the power of dignity in the workplace.

Here at Mahri Mahri you will find handicraft made by beautiful women across the globe. All made with love. All ethical and all fair.

This is where every product has a story.

The story of kantha balnkets

Basha Boutiques high quality and unique kantha products are hand-made by at-risk women and survivors of human trafficking in Bangladesh.

Six layers of vintage or new cotton sari cloths, hand-stitched together using a traditional Kantha stitch. Each blanket takes anywhere from 12 - 46 hours to create. 

Who makes our quilts?

Women complete a training and rehabilitation program prior to beginning work. Our partner Basha provides weekly trainings, including literacy and life skills programs. The artisans also receive medical support, counselling, and day care assistance for their children.

You can read the personal story of the woman that made your blanket under your selected kantha product.

Customer reviews


"The Kantha blanket arrived. It's beautiful (as imagined) and perfect (stitched with precision)! The shipping costs were fair, no extra taxes or duties - I'm so glad that I finally found an European online shop that sells Basha kanthas (there are many in UK but the shipping cost are higher. Love it, really happy (that's why I'm going to buy another one :)"


"Thank you so much, Mahri Mahri - Zuri a-maize-ing dress turned out to be amazing indeed! Colors are much more intense than it shows on photo and really african-warm. just what you need in Nordic isolation winter ahead!"


"Fast deliveries and great products that really live up to expectations. Also, it's for a good cause. Feel free to shop here again."

The women behind the quilts