Mahri Mahri is an online destination created 2018 in Tallinn.

Our goal is to bring together like-minded people who care about ethical today and future. We strive for transparency and stand up for fair production. We represent brands who encourage locals to solve challenges through valuable artisanal work. 



Working through cooperatives and social enterprises, our partners improve the quality of life in their communities in a number of ways, including literacy workshops, business training, and health programs.
Women artisans are often able to work from home while caring for their families and they can use the extra income to send their children to school. Oftentimes these children will be the first generation to graduate high school.

By buying from our online store, you help us to support long-term and sustainable economies in developing countries. Financial independence empowers women. Artisans earn liveable salary with what they can provide food and housing, education and healthcare not just for themselves, but for their whole family.








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