Where are you located?

We are an online shop. Our office is located in Tallinn, Estonia. 

What is your shipping policy?

Please see our shipping page for more details >>  Shipping

Is my order traceable? 

Yes. Once your order is shipped we will let you know and send you the tracking code. 

Do you ship to my country?

Yes, we ship worldwide.

Are your products environmentally friendly?

We seek the highest standards of ethical and environmental responsibility in the production of all of our products.

Indego Africas uses a range of natural, raw materials sourced in Rwanda and Ghana including sweetgrass, banana leaf, bolga straw, raffia, organic yarn, palm leaf and partner with several groups that use salvaged materials in their production processes including recycled tin and upcycled cowhorn in Rwanda and recycled brass in Ghana. 

Zuri dresses are made of African wax print fabric. The history of African textiles is a global story, both ancient and modern, and a powerful symbol of the changing tides of culture, politics, and trade. They hope that by paying fair wages, sourcing locally, and making a product that their and our customers truly love, they will be helping to support a long-term, sustainable economy in Kenya.

Basha Boutique is committed to fair trade and its principles – to enhance their own business practices, and to support the movement towards a better form of global commerce. Their application for Fair Trade status has been submitted and in the meantime, they continue to promote ethical trade both within Bangladesh and with their global partners.

Chabi Chic's goals include creating high quality, handmade home goods that are ethically made from natural materials; benefiting the artisans’ livelihoods, creativity, and vast skill sets; and sharing the traditions globally. They work with talented artisans with a mission of protecting Moroccan culture and improving the quality of the artisans’ lives.

ETHIC & TROPIC Corinne Bally offers art and decorative objects, unique pieces ethically handmade in the heart of the tropical forest in Central America by the indigenous women of two small tribes between Panama and Colombia. Women work freely and at their own pace for Ethic & Tropic, they have no limits in the use of their creativity, only requirement is to be the best quality, using authentic natural materials and dyes’.


ZURI dresses

I just got my dress and it feels a bit stiff.  Will it soften over time?

Yes! Zuri dresses are made of African wax print fabric. When they buy the fabric, it often has a waxy outer-coating. This wax makes the fabric stiff and takes a few washes to soften up. Zuri dresses are all pre-washed, but after a few wears and washes at home, your dress will feel much softer and hang more naturally.  

Are all Zuri dresses made of the same fabric?

Nope! Fabrics are selected based on two equally important criteria: 1) quality of the fabric; and 2) coolness of the print. The common “thread” in all of the fabrics is that each selection is high-quality cotton, with dyes that will not run, and prints that are both interesting and beautiful. Try a few; we think you’ll love them all!

Is it all 100% cotton?


How do I wash my dress?

In the washing machine! Wash with cold water, and hang to dry.

Will the fabrics run in the wash?

The first time you wash your dress, we recommend that you wash it in the machine with similar colours. Depending on the colour of the print, it may run the first time. 


Kantha quilts

Do I need to wash my blankets before I start using them?

The cotton saris are washed before making the blankets, then the finished blanket is washed (without scent) directly before shipping from Bangladesh. The finished silk blend throws are dry cleaned prior to shipping. If there is any remaining scent, simply throw it in the wash (cold, gentle, tumble on low) or hang it out to air (or dry clean for silk blends). 

Do the colours match with the ones in the photos?

We try our best to photograph the blankets for accuracy & attractiveness. Colours vary by monitor and screen, so we wouldn’t recommend buying to match a very specific shade.

Most people find that the colours are even more vibrant and beautiful when they receive them.



What are the baskets made of?

You can find what the basket is made of from each basket description box. Typically baskets are handwoven out of sweetgrass, sisal, banana leaf and raffia. 

Who makes the baskets?

Baskets are made by artisans from Rwanda and Ghana. 

Do the colours in real life the same as in the pictures? 

We try our best to make the colours match the pictures. However, due to the handmade quality, some size and colour variation may occur.



How do I take care of the tableware?

We recommend hand-washing because they are hand-made, dyed with natural colours and have gold detailing on them. Also, items with gold details are not microwaving safe.