The Bread and Salt Between Us

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The Bread and Salt Between Us: recipes and stories from a Syrian Refugee's Kitchen from Mayada Anjari.

Organized by everyday fare, celebrations, and sweets, the book offers over forty recipes that recall the flavour and comforts of Mayada's home in Syria.

She learned to prepare food alongside her mother and sisters. These easy-to-approach dishes tell the story of a family whose culinary traditions have sustained them as they build a new life in the United States. To show her gratitude to the community that sponsored her family's resettlement, Mayada prepared a meal. This simple act of sharing food ignited an outpouring of support.

The story of Mayada's journey is beautifully chronicled in this personal recipe collection. All proceeds from the sale of this book will directly benefit Mayada's family and members of the refugee community.

*10€ form this purchase will be a donation for Humanitarian aid fund to support initiatives outside of Estonia.

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