Ripe Figs: Recipes and Stories from Turkey, Greece, and Cyprus

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In Ripe Figs, travel writer and cook Yasmin Khan travels through the Eastern Mediterranean tracing recipes that have spread through the region, from the time of Ottoman rule, to the influence of recent refugee communities today

This book is illustrated with stunning food and location photography, Ripe Figs is a dazzling collection of recipes and stories from an ever-diversifying region.

About the author:
Yasmin Khan is an award-winning author, broadcaster and campaigner, who is passionate about sharing people’s stories through food. Her work sits on the intersection of food, travel and politics and her best-selling and critically-acclaimed books, The Saffron Tales, Zaitoun and Ripe Figs use everyday stories to human connection to challenge stereotypes of the Middle East and celebrate beauty in places more commonly associated with conflict.