Jikoni: Proudly Inauthentic Recipes from an Immigrant Kitchen 🇺🇦

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In Kiswahili Jikoni means ‘kitchen’, a word that perfectly captures Ravinder Bhogal’s approach to food.

Jikoni is a cookbook where recipes display a really rebellious spirit. These proudly inauthentic recipes are what you might loosely call ‘immigrant cuisine’, with evocative stories from a past that illustrates the powerful relationship between food, people, place and identity. The tastes and smells of this brazen new world are sophisticated, welcoming, fresh, exciting and bold.

Try out proudly inauthentic recipes that span geography, ethnicity and history like:

  • Channa Dhal with Wild Garlic Puree
  • Apple, Pear and Blackberry Breakfast Crumble
  • Jam-filled Indian Shortbreads
  • Pondicherry Prawn Puffs

Ravinder Bhogal was born in Kenya. When she moved to London as a child, the cooking of her new home collided with a heritage that crossed continents. What materialised was a playful approach to the world's larder, and Ravinder's recipes do indeed have a rebellious soul.

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