Engraved Tagine // Blue & Gold // Large

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Want to spice up your table? Nothing looks more authentic then a lovely spicy lentil stew served in a traditional Moroccan Tagine!

  • Handmade and Handpainted in Morocco
  • Striped and traditional Moroccan Zwak
  • This tagine is only suitable for serving, its is not meant for cooking
  • Dimensions: Large D21 x H18 cm
  • Items with gold details are not microwave safe
  • This purchase empowers artisans in Morocco who carefully craft and paint each piece by hand. They earn fair wages and preserve a generations-old technique.

Chabi Chic is an ethical brand which creates traditional Moroccan craft.  They revisit Moroccan patterns and at the same time, they bring a modern touch to all their pottery. All products are hand-made in different areas in Morocco by local artisans 

*Due to the handmade quality, some size and colour variation may occur.