Lidded TERRACOTTA Jar white
Lidded TERRACOTTA Jar white
Lidded TERRACOTTA Jar white

Chabi Chic

Lidded TERRACOTTA Jar white

Hide your cookies! The Terracotta collection is an asserted contrast of authenticity, between the raw earth of Marrakech and a brilliant layer of colour.
  • Made and painted in Morocco
  • S 9 x 16 cm / M 12 x 14 cm L 12 x 17cm
  • Plain enamel, with plain bass
  • Red earth and lead-free glazes
  • Food-grade terracotta 
  • Hand-wash
Chabi Chic is an ethical brand which creates traditional Moroccan craft. They revisit Moroccan patterns and at the same time, they bring a modern touch to all their pottery. All products are hand-made in different areas in Morocco by local artisans 

*Due to the handmade quality, some size and colour variation may occur.