Just one dress - that's all you need when you have a dress as special as Zuri dress. 

About Zuri 

Like any great love story, they knew at first sight. Sandra wore the dress to a wedding where Ashleigh spotted it and immediately thought: twende kazi (let's get to work)! 

We firmly believe that sustainable economies develop from businesses that operate fairly and ethically and create products that people want. Having spent a combined eight years in Nairobi, we've seen how much both corruption and aid can distort markets, resulting in wasted resources and unsustainable livelihoods. We hope that by paying fair wages, sourcing locally, and making a product that our customers truly love, we will be helping to support a long-term, sustainable economy in Kenya.


 By sourcing from East Africa-based manufacturers, we hope to contribute to the regeneration of local industry, helping to create jobs and opportunities that have all but disappeared.


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