Just one dress
Zuri is a Kenyan / New York brand that makes only type of dress. But in many many different prints. All dresses are made of 100% cotton wax.

"We firmly believe that sustainable economies develop from businesses that operate fairly and ethically and create products that people want. Having spent a combined eight years in Nairobi, we've seen how much both corruption and aid can distort markets, resulting in wasted resources and unsustainable livelihoods. We hope that by paying fair wages, sourcing locally, and making a product that our customers truly love, we will be helping to support a long-term, sustainable economy in Kenya." 

By sourcing from East Africa-based manufacturers, they hope to contribute to the regeneration of local industry, helping to create jobs and opportunities that have all but disappeared.
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    Indego Africa


 Indego Africa partners with groups of artisan women in Rwanda & Ghana to create a range of handcrafted baskets that bring beauty into the world through modern design, time-honoured techniques, and genuine artisan skill.

"We believe that education is the key to long-term empowerment and social change. That’s why we provide artisan women and young people in Africa with the training they need to build and sustain independent livelihoods."  

Indego Africa is carving out an ethical space for artisans in the retail industry and creating a more sustainable world for all. From local, raw materials to handcrafted, finished products - they're supporting the integrity of artisan-made goods and creating opportunities for the women who make them.
They reduce waste in the production process by using recycled (and upcycled) materials, repurposed fabric scraps, and other salvaged textiles across our product lines, they schedule large batch cargo shipments from Africa to New York in order to reduce our carbon footprint and pay our partners fair, consistent wages for their work. 
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Basha’s high quality, unique kantha products are handmade by at-risk women and survivors of human sex trafficking in Bangladesh. The women artisans complete a training and rehabilitation program prior to beginning work. Basha provides weekly training, including literacy and life skills programs. The artisans also receive medical support, counselling, and day care assistance for their children.

"In the Bengali language basha means ‘house’ and asha means ‘hope’. Basha is the house of hope we’re building in Bangladesh."
Saris are sourced from a wide variety of locations in Bangladesh, then carefully colour matched and washed. Hand stitching then begins joining the 6 layers of sari cloth. A kantha can take up to 70 hours of work to complete, depending on its size and complexityOnce complete, the item is washed again and ready to be sold. Each product is unique and can never be replicated!
Basha. Where your purchase changes lives & builds futures.

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Kahaari (ka-haa-ri) comes from the Swahili word "Kifahari", which means elegant. Kahaari is a collection of chic and elegant african fashion that is a self-expression of beauty, elegance, simplicity and different personalities.

"I’ve always been for women empowerment because I believe that if you empower a woman, you empower the community. They will always take it back to the community to raise and empower the lives of their families. For example, the women we work with dedicate most of their income to educating their children. "

Their skilled artisans in Nairobi delicately handcraft each piece with African love to make these elegant African print skirts, in line with their social agenda to promote home-grown talent and skills. 
Kahaari is sourcing its fabrics solely from Nigeria and Ghana and all the fabrics are from women-owned businesses.  

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Some of our products are sourced from fair trade organisations that offer unique baskets and wavers from throughout the African continent. These one-of-a-kind pieces of functional artwork are woven by local craftspeople. 
The story of each item is introduced under the specific product
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