Our beautiful kantha quilts are handmade by women artisans working with Basha.
Kantha, meaning “patched cloth,” provides a glimpse into the thrift and artistry of Bengali women.  Each kantha product is unique and often can never be replicated. 


About Basha 

Basha’s high quality, unique kantha products are handmade by at-risk women and survivors of human sex trafficking in Bangladesh. The women artisans complete a training and rehabilitation program prior to beginning work. Basha provides weekly trainings, including literacy and life skills programs. The artisans also receive medical support, counseling, and day care assistance for their children.

Saris are sourced from a wide variety of locations in Bangladesh, then carefully colour matched and washed. Hand stitching then begins joining the 6 layers of sari cloth. Every kantha quilt can take up to 5-6 days of work to complete, depending on its size and complexityOnce complete, the item is washed again and ready to be sold. 


"In the Bengali language basha means ‘house’ and asha means ‘hope’. Basha is the house of hope we’re building in Bangladesh."


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