Hibiscus: Fresh Flavours from West Africa 🇺🇦

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Cookbook of boldly flavourful take on Nigerian cuisine.

Nigerian-inspired flavours and cooking methods can transform everyday dishes into something spectacular. Whether it’s experimenting with new ingredients, reimagining old favourites, exploring different techniques (Cheat’s Ogi, Chin Chin) or finding alternatives to everyday staples, this book will help you discover all that modern Nigerian food has to offer.

The delicious dishes featured include:

  • Hibiscus Chicken
  • Baked Kuli Kuli Cod
  • Cayenne Yam Chips
  • Lagos Mess
  • Plantain Mash with Ginger,
  • Corn and Okra Gravy;
  • Nigerian Roast Veg
  • Grapefruit and Guava Cheesecake

The book author Lopè Ariyo is a rising star of African cooking and Hibiscus, her first book, is packed with delicious dishes. She creates fresh, fuss-free meals that are full of flavour. With chapters including Fruits, Vegetables & Tubers; Grains & Pulses; Meat & Poultry and Baking & Desserts.

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