Natural Tuareg Winnowing Tray
Natural Tuareg Winnowing Tray
Natural Tuareg Winnowing Tray


Natural Tuareg Winnowing Tray

  • Palm leaf is hand-stitched over grass coils
  • This all-natural basket comes from one of the last nomadic tribes in Northern Africa. Smooth and beautiful, this basket is a useful tray or could decorate a wall.
  • 36 cm x 7 cm
  • Spot clean

  • Bukedo is the local term in Uganda for banana leaf stalks. Along with raffia that comes from palm trees, these materials are renewable, plentiful resources. The mission of this weaving group is to support as many other women as possible through the promotion of their handicrafts.
    Traditionally used for serving food, they are created by tightly wrapping smooth raffia over coils of baked stalks. They look great mounted on a wall, propped up on a shelf, or even sitting on a table. 

      *Due to the handmade quality, some size and colour variation may occur.
   ** Check out our galleror inspiration.