Zaitoun: Recipes and Stories from the Palestinian Kitchen

Yasmin Khan

Zaitoun: Recipes and Stories from the Palestinian Kitchen

A celebration of Palestinian cuisine featuring more than 80 modern recipes, captivating stories and stunning travel photography.

The author Yasmin Khan unlocks the flavours and fragrances of modern Palestine, from the sun-kissed pomegranate stalls of Akka, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, through evergreen oases of date plantations in the Jordan Valley, to the fading fish markets of Gaza City.

Palestinian food is winningly fresh and healthy, centred around colourful mezze dishes that feature:

  • Herb-filled salads
  • quick pickles
  • fragrant soups
  • tender roasted meats and rich desserts
  • vegetarian versions of Palestinian classics
  • recipes for olive, fig and honey tapenade
  • roast chicken stuffed with pine nuts and raisins 
  • pomegranate passion cake, among many others

It has evolved over several millennia through the influences of Arabic, Jewish, Armenian, Persian, Turkish, and Bedouin cultures and civilizations that have ruled over, or lived in, the area known as ancient Palestine.

In each place she visits, Khan enters the kitchens of Palestinians of all ages and backgrounds, discovering the secrets of their cuisine and sharing heart-lifting stories.

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