JAR ZWAK/Striped
JAR ZWAK/Striped
JAR ZWAK/Striped

Chabi Chic

JAR ZWAK/Striped

  • Hand made and painted in Morocco
  • Dimensions: D9/H6.5 CM
  • Traditional Moroccan Zwak/Striped pattern
  • White ceramic, lead-free paint, GOLD 12 CARATS
  • Food-grade ceramic
  • Hand-wash
  • items with gold details are not microwaving safe

Chabi Chic is an ethical brand which creates traditional Moroccan craft.  They revisit Moroccan patterns and at the same time, they bring a modern touch to all their pottery. All products are hand-made in different areas in Morocco by local artisans 

*Due to the handmade quality, some size and colour variation may occur.